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Anthracite is a hard, compact variety of mineral coal that has a high luster. It has the highest carbon content, the fewest impurities, and the highest calorific content of all types of coal, which also include bituminous coal and lignite.

Anthracite is the most metamorphosed type of coal (but still represents low-grade metamorphism), in which the carbon content is between 80% and 90%. The term is applied to those varieties of coal which do not give off tarry or other hydrocarbon vapours when heated below their point of ignition. Anthracite ignites with difficulty and burns with a short, blue, and smokeless flame


Anthracite is mostly used for the production of steel, which during the melting process is added to the steel for strengthening the material.


Anthracite 0 – 0,2 mm
Anthracite 0,2 – 3 mm
Anthracite 3,0 – 7 mm
Anthracite 6 – 12 mm
Anthracite 12 – 22 mm
Anthracite 25 – 40 mm


Anthracite can be delivered by:

  • Silo truck
  • Tipper truck
  • Big Bags
  • Paper bags
  • Vessel


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