Injection Coal


Foaming Dust (Injection Coal product) is being used for several production processes. Foaming Dust contains different components:

  • Petcoke
  • Calcined Petcoke
  • Ground coals
  • Anthracite fines


Foto ReijndersBV FoamingdustFoaming Dust is mainly used in the production process of steel by use of an EAF (Electronic arc Furnace) and injected in the melting process and serving different purposes in the production of steel.

Besides the production process of steel, Foaming Dust is used in the production process of lime, cement and aluminium.

The quality and the specifications of Foaming Dust have direct influence on the quality of steel and the costs of the production process.


Foaming Dust is supplied to the specification requirements of the customer:

Material Range
C-fix 80 – 98 %
Sulpher 0.5 – 5,0 %
Volatile 1,0 – 10%
Ash content 1,0 – 20%
Size 0,0 – 6,0 mm


Foaming Dust can be supplied by:

  • Silo Truck
  • Big Bag by:
    • container
    • truck
    • vessel
  • Paper bags


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