Trading & Transport company Reijnders

Reijnders BV - Handels en transportbedrijf Reijnders BVTrading & transport company Reijnders B.V. is specialized in trade, refinement, warehousing and distribution of coal products.

Reijnders is a well-known company in Western Europe regarding coal products. We always deliver our coal products to the highest standards and consistency in accordance to your specifications regarding foaming dust, anthracite, ballast coal or bio coal.

Reijnders manages and controls the whole supply chain: purchase, refinement and distribution of its coal products. Reijnders is able to compose any coal product to your desired specifications and deliver the products by our own fleet of trucks throughout Europe. Even overseas transport is no problem!

At Reijnders we always look for the best solution: your solution!
We always go for that additional pace of service in meeting your specifications and quality: through purchasing, trade, sieving, drying, packaging, warehousing and transport.

We believe in “Anything is possible” and we will always look for the best solution for our customers. Our employees have one common goal: to meet your requirements and serve you 100%.

Reijnders owns two production sites in the Netherlands: Boxtel en the Rotterdam/Schiedam harbour. On these sites the coal products are being refined, stored and supplied to the customer by our own truckfleet.


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