Through our extensive distribution network in Europe we can transport your coal products fast and custom packed. As we use our own fleet of trucks we can guarantee Just in Time delivery.

In addition to the transport of our own products, we also provide transport for third parties of the following products:

  • Coal Products for third parties
  • Building materials (cement, fly ash, lime, and other dry substances)
  • Bulk materials (sand, gravel, and other bulk materials)

Our Planning department is responsible for the management of our well trained drivers and is available 24/7, to smoothly lead the transportation of your products.

Reijnders features the following transport equipment:

  • 40 tractor units fitted with hydraulics and unloading compressor
  • 65 silo trailer with a volume of 60 M3
  • 15 tipper semi-trailers with a volume ranging from 30-55 M3
  • 2 tilt semitrailers
  • 1 trailer with crane
  • 1 low loader

Our modern fleet is well maintained in our workshop and meets the latest environmental standards.

All trucks are equipped with GPS tracking and tracing in order to control the location of each truck.


You can contact our staff members directly.

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