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Foto Reijnders BV Historie Mack   Foto Reijnders BV Historie Mack

Success stories often start with something very simple! In June 1962 the Dutchman Toon Reijnders worked as a trucks salesman and according to his boss, the “Mack” (see picture above) he bought and traded was overpriced. He decided to buy the Mack himself to start his own business in transportation of sand and later on briquettes. That simple!

More than 50 years

   Foto Reijnders BV Anno 2013

More than 50 years later the business of Toon Reijnders has developed into a large and well known international company specialized in coal products.

Reijnders distributes with a fleet of trucks tailor made coal product solutions throughout Europe. Outside Europa we deliver the products in shipping containers.


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