About Reijnders

Your international specialist for injecting carbonaceous coal powders.

Trade and transport company Reijnders specialises in the trade, processing, storage, transhipment and transport of carbonaceous carbon products. Reijnders is your go-to supplier of solid and powdered coal products. We manage everything from purchasing to the sale of products ourselves. This allows us to deliver products with the right specifications to our clients on a just-in-time basis. Your production process can continue uninterruptedly.

When it comes to purchasing, sales, processing, storage, transhipment and transport, the sky is the limit at Reijnders. We firmly believe that there is no such thing as an impossible request. At Reijnders, we will always come up with a solution. Our employees are fully dedicated to offering our clients the best possible quality of service.


We have two locations where we handle the storage and transhipment of our products: Boxtel and Schiedam (Rotterdam). Every day, we receive, process and store products at these sites. Next, we use our own fleet of vehicles to deliver these products to our clients just in time.

In Boxtel, Reijnders has the following storage and transhipment capacity:

  • Circa 3,000 m3 of silo storage
  • Circa 3,000 m2 of covered storage for Big Bags
  • 5,000 m2 of covered storage for bulk goods
  • 20,000 m2 of exterior storage for bulk goods
  • Loading/unloading facilities for containers
  • Filling installations for Big Bags
  • Dino bulk truck loader
  • Weighbridge
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In Schiedam, Reijnders has the following storage and transhipment capacity:

  • 2,500 m2 terrain surface
  • 3,000 m3 of silo storage
  • Loading/unloading area with a crane and an elevator for the transhipment of goods stored in silos
  • Weighbridge
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