Injection Coal


Injection Coal products are used in various production processes in e.g. the steel industry. Reijnders offers various types of Injection Coal:

  • Petcoke/Flexi coke
  • Calcined Petcoke
  • Anthracite fines
  • Fluid coke


Injection Coal products are primarily used for the production of steel in a so-called EAF or Electronic Arc Furnace. In an EAF, the carbon is injected during the melting process. It serves various purposes in the production process of steel. Using the right Injection Coal products directly impacts the quality of the steel and the costs of the production process as a whole. Besides the steel industry, these products are also used in the lime industry, the cement industry and the aluminium industry.


We deliver our Injection Coal products in accordance with the client’s desired specifications. Take a look at the possibilities below:

Analysis Range
Carbon content 80 – 98 %
Sulphur content 0.5 – 5,0 %
Volatile substances 1,0 – 10%
Ash content 1,0 – 20%
Dimensions 0,0 – 6,0 mm

Logistics and packaging

Our deliveries take place on a just-in-time basis to ensure the client always has enough material available at the right time. This ensures your production process can continue uninterruptedly.

Our products can be delivered by:

  • Silo truck
  • Tipper truck
  • Big Bag per:
    • Container
    • Truck
    • Ship
  • Paper bags

Directly to: