Reijnders has machinery used for the processing of carbonaceous carbon products. Examples of processing include screening, drying and packaging products. For these purposes, Reijnders has, among other things, screening installations, a bagging installation and a crushing installation.

Screening installations

Reijnders has screening installations that are used to:

  • Remove unwanted products to prevent contamination of the material.
  • Sort products into various specified dimensions.

Bagging installation

Once the product meets the client’s desired specifications, it can be packaged into e.g. Big Bags.

A Big Bag has a volume of 1,000-1,500 kg and is used to store and transport bulk goods. The Big Bags are stored on pallets, so they can easily be loaded and unloaded with a forklift.

Crushing installation

To break down different types of dry products, Reijnders has its own crushing installation. With it, we can reduce the size of a product with a dimension of 20 mm to as little as 1.5 mm.

Contact Reijnders if you are looking for a specific dimension for your product.

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