Specialist in carbonaceous carbon products

Trade and transport company Reijnders is a specialist in carbon products Reijnders’ products are available in a range of qualities and dimensions. For more information about the possibilities with regard to product specialisation, take a look at our product pages.

With its modern installations, Reijnders can satisfy its clients’ every need. We offer a wide range of solid and powdered coal products, including: Injection coal, anthracite, ballast coal and Recarburisers.

Our carbonaceous carbon products can be delivered in:

  • Big Bags (maritime transport in containers)
  • Paper bags
  • Tipper trucks
  • Silo trucks
  • Ship
  • Sea container

Directly to:


Reijnders has its own fleet of vehicles. This allows us to deliver all products to our clients just in time. As a result, the continuity of your production process is guaranteed at all times.

Feel free to contact us without any further obligation if you have a question or remark or would like to know more about what Reijnders can do for you.

Reijnders, specialist in carbonaceous coal products

Reijnders takes care of everything in-house: from initial purchase to final sale. This allows us to create and produce the right quality for every client.