Ballast coal


Ballast coal is a mixture of different types and qualities of coal, created in accordance with the desired specifications and designed for use in coal-fired power plants. Reijnders has years of experience with the production of this type of coal. We have modern installations that allow us to produce a stable product in terms of its calorific value and structural composition.


Ballast coal is used in coal-fired power plants to generate power.


Analysis Range
Dimensions 0 – 40 mm
40 – 80 mm
Volatile substances 20 – 25 %
Moisture content 10 – 15 %
Ash content 18 – 22%
Sulphur content 0,8 – 1,2%
Calorific value Circa 5,000 Kcal/kg

Other qualities and dimensions available upon request


Ballast coal can be delivered via:

  • Tipper truck
  • Big Bag

  • Ship
  • Sea container

Reijnders has its own fleet of vehicles. This ensures we can transport our products to clients on a just-in-time basis. As our client, you will always have enough inventory to work with and new products will be delivered at a time of your choosing.

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